Do Your Research

Check Your Zoning Laws

Because mini pigs in most states are still considered livestock, you must make sure to check with your local jurisdiction, whether it be your county, city or township,  to see if zoning laws prohibit mini pigs in your home. 

Highly Intelligent

Due to their high level of intelligence, mini pigs tend to be smarter than the average household pet. Therefor, they can be trained properly to do tricks, but their smartness can also get them in trouble. Mini pigs need a pig safe home, a special area in your home just for them and are not meant to be locked in a crate. They will also need time spent outdoors each day.

15 Year Commitment

Mini Pigs are a 15 year commitment. Please make sure you are up for this long term commitment before purchasing. A shelter is no place for these guys. 

Micro, Teacup and Nano are not used here!

There is no such thing as a micro, teacup, nano pig! There are commercial livestock feeder pigs and then there are mini pigs. Potbelly pigs are mini pigs but can still be 350 lbs, which is significantly smaller than your average livestock pig. Don't be fooled by the marketing guru's out there emphasizing they have the smallest pigs around. All mini pigs, when piglets, will fit in a teacup, but then they grow up!  On average the Juliana pig is 15 - 17 inches in height. Please see the official breed website for more information. 

Still Interested? What to Expect For Take Home

We really want you to have the best start possible when picking up your new baby. After all, we expect you to do your research, so it is only right that you are given the best socialized, healthy piglet there is. All our piglets are given a one year health guarantee, are spayed or neutered, are healthily weaned from their mommy on solid foods and are potty litter trained. 

Lifetime Support

We want to be here for all our families questions and concerns on their new adventure with a baby pig.