About Us

We are a small family homestead using wholistic approaches

Nutrition for the whole body

Being healthy starts with the food we eat. It matters what we feed our animals here at the homestead. Starting with bio-available vitamins and minerals supplemented in our animal feed to growing organic foods enriched with these same minerals. 

Eggs! Raw Milk! Organic Meats!

Free Range Eggs from healthy hens that enjoy the sunshine each and every day.

Herd-shares available for raw milk from our healthy herd of A2/A2 Jersey cows. 

Non-Certified organic meat from free ranging chickens that are raised and harvested on the homestead. Also, beef halves and cuts available.


At the homestead, we have your best interest at heart. We raise our own animals for our family's nourishment and want to share in the process. That is why it is affordable to you. We do this for ourselves and you get to benefit along with us. 


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Legacy Family Farms, LLC